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Introduction on the Logistics Company

DEPPON is committed to become the customer as the center, express delivery, express, vehicle, warehousing and supply chain and the business of integrated logistics providers. We rely on a solid network foundation, the strong talent pool and profound market insight, to create multiple cross-industry clients, flexible and efficient logistics, logistics give enterprises greater business value, give consumers more outstanding experience.

Services for Customers

1.    Door-to-door delivery of goods and commodities of exhibitors will be provided through hot line, internet, APP and other ways.  Real time logistic information of their goods and momodities can be tracked at any time.

2. Exibitors can contact us and make an appointment on delivering time to facilitate your exhibition arrangement process after the goods and commodities have arrived in Changsha. Appointment hot line: 0731-89786075.

3. If goods and commodities are to be delivered by exhibitors themselves,  such exhibitors can visit DEPPON Yazipu Office, Changda Logistic Park, Kaifu District, Changsha. Office hot line: 0731-85584576. ID cards or other identification documents may be required.

4. Transportation fees can be paid in varies means, including cash, credit card, Alipay, Wechat, or via online payment on our official website.

5. Invoice with the equivalent amount, including equivalent quota invoice, machine-printed invoice as well as value added tax invoice can be issued. Invoices can be mailed free of charge.

6. Customers can entrust us to despatch goods and commodities back home after the Expo has concluded.  Customers shall fill in the form accurately under the guidance of our staff so that the goods and commodities are delivered correctly.

7. Exhibitor's goods is tracked by our staff. Shall there be any problem, please contact call 18598939180 (Mr. Zhang Hao) for further details.

8. Nationwide hot line: 95353

9. More services can be provided by us at any time.

Requirements for Exhibitors

1.    DEPPON Logistics is the designated supplier of CFCE

2.    It is suggested to make an earlier appointment with us, since there is a huge demand of transport of goods and commodities during CFCE.

3.    Please put forward to us in case there is any dispute abouttransportation fee.

4.    DEPPONhas the right to reject prohibited, flammable and combustible goods and other goods that DEPPON is not authorized to deliver.

5. DEPPON has the right to ask the exhibitor to check the goods before collecting.

6. DEPPON has the right to ask Exhibitor's to show their ID documents and keep such information for safety's sake.

7. Security check of goods and commodities is required by DEPPON and prohibited goods and commodities will be sent to governmental departments.

8. Exhibitor's must pack their goods according to the regulations of DEPPON, who has the right to reject the goods if it does meet the packaging standards.

9. DEPPON will charge service fees by items.

10. Extra requirement may be made anytime if necessary.