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2016 China food catering expo press conference was held in Beijing

     On the morning of May 20th, 2016 China food catering fair news conference held in Beijing in hunan building. Commerce circulating industry promotion center, the director of highways is min, deputy head of department of commerce of hunan province Luo Shuangfeng, people's government of changsha city exhibition Chen Shuzhong, director of the office to attend the conference and answered questions of journalists. The ministry of commerce circulation industry promotion center, zhou qiang, deputy director of the conference.

Highways fujian, China food catering fair (hereinafter referred to as "eat dinner") is the domestic trade area's bid to host the system show hosted by the ministry of commerce. By the tenth consecutive China food expo and three consecutive terms of a merger of Chinese catering industry fair. Mofcom launched the eat dinner at the end of 2015's bid for the work, after several rounds of selection, expert voting, with good food catering industry base in hunan province, traffic location advantage and relatively rich experience in exhibition and the conditions of venues, from 10 provinces, bid success achieved 2016-2019 at a joint bid. Eat dinner 2016 will be held on September 9, 2016-12, held in hunan international convention and exhibition center in changsha, capital of hunan province.

Highways min pointed out that eating dinner includes food and catering industry, is a food and food and beverage concepts combined will launch a new show. Ministry of commerce and the people's government of hunan province will integrate the industry resources, to service enterprise development as the basic purpose, to food to food circulation channels as the breakthrough point, to achieve food catering the seamless joint between upstream and downstream industry chain, through the marketization, specialization of operation, will eat dinner with the sustainable development of a leading international influence and force of national food catering industry brand communication event. At the same time, the party will be released in the policy guide, industry, information communication, play an important role in economic and trade cooperation, etc.

Luo Shuangfeng said, eating dinner is one of the first people's government of hunan province and the national exhibition platform, hosted by the ministry of commerce on the development of hunan food and food and beverage industry is of great significance. Department of commerce of hunan province as one of the chief organizer, will take various measures, do eat dinner out characteristics, on the actual effect, brand. Eat the meal planning exhibition area of 40000 square meters, 2000 standard booths, will invite forum guests, 20000 professional visitors and exhibitors merchants, covering food and catering industry, through from food raw materials to final consumption of the whole industry chain catering industry, focus on docking from food circulation to the trade of food consumption. Activity will also same, both the hot issues for industry, leading the industry development trend of research, promotion, international competition and international projects. Hunan province press and publication, NHK as the host of the 2016 food dinner unit, one of the spread of hunan satellite TV will also exert the advantages, to eat dinner as well as the enterprise, provides the high quality advertising services.

      Corporate government plays, operas, 2016 eat dinner will adhere to the open office will aim, welcome the industry resources, all kinds of organizations to actively participate in honest and trustworthy, will be for the social from all walks of life friend, a good platform, completes the service.