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Hunan province this year will be held in the "party", and other key three provincial economic and trade activities

Morning of May 23, vice governor of hunan province newspaper xiang hosted three provincial key economic and trade activities preparations for the meeting, the deployment of 2016 China hunan food food fair, 2016 (Shanghai) investment and trade negotiation weeks, 2016 hunan, ccpit preparations for the international cooperation capacity of Africa.

This year on September 9-12, and hunan provincial people's government jointly organized by the ministry of commerce of the first China food catering fair was held in hunan international convention and exhibition center. The "eat dinner" exhibition scope mainly covers of two kinds of food and food and beverage, set a certain threshold of display products, first meet the well-known enterprises, famous quality products, the characteristic of new technology and products, environmental protection green products to show demand, planning a total of 4 square meters exhibition area, about 2000 international standard booths, by the national comprehensive exhibition area, hunan comprehensive exhibition, international pavilion, wine and dairy products exhibition area, dining area, hunan specialty area and so on ten big exhibition. The convention and exhibition center on the ground floor mainly for the food exhibition, mainly for the food on the second floor area related elements.

The "eat dinner" in addition to leading cruise pavilion and the opening ceremony, will also set up seven theme activities, including industry BBS, new product release, investment promotion, procurement, foreign theme pavilion day, cooking performance communication and comparison, a food culture activities, and other aspects.

August 16-20, 2016 in hunan province (Shanghai) investment and trade negotiation week held in Shanghai and its surrounding areas. The main activities include provincial leaders visit representative in Shanghai famous transnational companies and well-known enterprises, business celebrities talkfest and major project signing ceremony, project investment and docking activities, "xiang product in Shanghai", hunan famous local products show their la and city state investment promotion activities. Among them, the project investment and docking activities with ccpit, hunan hunan - long triangle area cooperation make strong cooperation fields, hunan province, Yangtze river delta rail transit industry cooperation fields, hunan xiangjiang river new city project promotion, hunan - Yangtze river delta ports and logistics cooperation fields, etc.

26 - June 29, 2016, hunan Africa international cooperation capacity and industrial and commercial enterprises, cross-border national-level match held in changsha, activity was hosted by hunan provincial people's government and the bank of China head office. Main activities including provincial and ministerial officials above the bank of China head office to meet with African countries and ambassador to China, hunan, African capacity international exhibition, conference subject, enterprise cross-border set docking, hunan bilateral trade ccpit, Africa, etc.

At present, the three key economic and trade activities of the preparatory work is orderly.