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Chinese food catering fair wine merchants promotion: wine exhibition added power

June 8, 2016 China food catering fair wine investment seminar held successfully in the provincial department of commerce. This seminar led by wine industry association of hunan province, hunan province business hall vlon deputy inspector to attend and speak. Meeting with xiang cellar, hill wine, cofco, alcoholic liquor, yongzhou different snakes industry a strong brand power the eat dinner.

Provincial wine association wei-ping liu said the industry association as eating dinner, the whole industry exhibition organizer, will urge enterprises make good use of eating dinner this valuable exhibition platform, full display liquor brand, improve the image of the wine industry as a whole. At the same time, will organize large BBS activities during the exhibition, open ideas for enterprises to promote exchanges, promote the industry better and faster development.

The promotion conference, department of commerce of hunan province vlon deputy inspector of the exhibition was introduced, the eat dinner for the great support of the government, is the enterprise brand image, understand the industry dynamic, an excellent platform to develop domestic and international market. Independent open wine exhibition, the exhibition and stepped up efforts at the scene of the buyers invitation, activities, etc, through the way such as association, database, production and marketing of seamless docking, created to negotiate business.

Conference, many liquor companies exhibition, exhibition planning and other preferential policies for the consultation, expressed to great participation intention, and wish a great success of eating dinner.