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2016 eat dinner the preparatory work in the city in the province business hall meeting successfully


In the afternoon on June 20, 2016 China food catering fair changsha city successfully convened the preparatory work in the province business hall. The city work preparation meet led by changsha exhibition office organization, changsha municipal party committee propaganda department, city business bureau, municipal public security bureau and so on more than 20 changsha city functional departments attended the meeting, vice mayor of changsha city Liao Jian to attend and speak.

In changsha exhibition Chen Shuzhong, director of the office during the meeting, introduces the basic situation of 2016 eating dinner, emphasized the eat dinner for domestic food catering industry the importance of domestic trade circulation. Announced at the meeting at the same time, the food during the party in various functional departments of the government responsibility division of labor, the science division of the functions of the government as a whole, to do a good job of food party organization and coordination.

Then, eat dinner, the director of the comprehensive coordination of the organizing committee Ma Hongping on the overall scheme of the exhibition, preparation, budget setting in detail, the organizing committee of the organization, and so on and so forth; Detailed listened to eat dinner, head of the various functional departments of preparation and said it will actively support related working, eating dinner in the enterprise exhibitors, buyers invitation, docking activities, fully, promotion, etc.

Changsha city vice mayor Liao Jianzai meeting finally summed up to speak, he said, during the exhibition planning departments to ideological unity, solidarity and collaboration, do science as a whole, grasp the schedule, do the work, play fair in farming, he stressed that the exhibition to avoid form quality, fully organization leading enterprises exhibitors, ensure the quality of enterprises, and attaches great importance to the exhibition of China merchants, to ensure effect of trading. Liao Jian vice mayor finally said, everyone should be based on the spirit of a family, a heart, a chess game to make preparations for eating dinner, strive to build domestic meal industry no.1 domestic trade circulation!