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High quality exhibitors to join the meal event remains to be seen

2016 China food catering fair (hereinafter referred to as the "party"),On September 9, 2016-12 in hunan international convention and exhibition center。As the first settled in changsha food catering industry national brand exhibition, the eat dinner attracted a large number of high-quality exhibitors from home and abroad to join us.

Strong domestic pavilion

Major domestic provinces and cities are great pavilion, such as shanxi, jilin, heilongjiang, yunnan, guangxi, jiangsu, ningbo, guangzhou and other dozens of provinces and cities will be strong support for the exhibition。Especially in Shanxi Province, this time will be there with "shanxi brand China" for the first time came to changsha, to bring us, red jujube, vinegar, shanxi fenjiu "SanJin" famous specialty, such as exhibition area of 648 square meters. Jiangsu pavilion as made its debut at the same time, eat dinner, will gather dozens out the authentic flavor of jiangsu one hundred years old.

Grand international pavilion

International pavilion, including Italy, Spain, Mexico, the Czech republic, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and other national pavilion will be a grand, is expected to account for more than 20%.Exhibits a wide variety, including cheese, red wine, ham, pasta, olive oil, all kinds of spices such as southeast Asia, and the exhibitors are from overseas manufacturers and dealers, exhibits are pure imported foods and ingredients.Launch Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, at the same time, the exhibition theme pavilion day three characteristics, including the Taiwan pavilion will merge alishan national characteristics, to show the history of the local food culture heritage, and the Taiwan pavilion introduced new food traceability system, the new technology will also let you view; The pavilion will combine Thailand amorous feelings show, for everybody present rich and colorful promotion seminar, also can let a person find everything new and fresh.

Hunan exhibition highlights appear frequently

Exhibitors also highlights in hunan province, hunan province more than high-quality companies to join the food festival, food catering fire palace, YuLouDong and meals for the hunan's time-honored catering brands and catering rookie enterprises will fully in this exhibition, on behalf of hunan hunan food culture will become a beautiful scenery line in the party.Authentic hunan local products such as ruanjiang at pingkiang, asparagus, xiangtan lotus root tip, smoked bean curd and so on will also be colorful appearance, many green food will lead the new fashion of the healthy diet.At the same time, the eat dinner to expand electric business platform, online shopping for online dealmaking, realize communication negotiate zero distance, exclusive matching zero cohesion.In addition, the exhibition is more strong participation, attracted many famous enterprises in the province now have a food group, light salt group, gaea gem hewang industry companies such as rice, spicy prince, three support also has confirmed 2016 eat dinner.