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CFCE first big pavilion - shanxi pavilion in hunan

       2016 preparations for dinner is picking up, on July 1, department of commerce of hunan province received delegates from shanxi pavilion, held a eat dinner shanxi pavilion will approach, deputy director of department of commerce of Luo Shuangfeng attended the meeting.

     Eat dinner this year are great pavilion in main provinces and cities, especially in shanxi pavilion exhibition area of 648 square meters, will form the food at the booth area is the largest pavilion outside the province. The shanxi pavilion will be there with the famous brand of the line "" shanxi at eat dinner first came to changsha, at the same time will be 45 food catering industry well-known enterprises in Shanxi Province to join, red jujube, vinegar, shanxi fenjiu, pasta and other famous specialty" SanJin "will show profusion, at the same time, shanxi unique national characteristics of folk songs, gongs, and calligraphy show will also be gorgeous, will bring you a multiple enjoy the gluttonous feast of visual and taste.

      During the meeting, the two sides have dinner enterprises exhibitors and buyers invitation, docking activities, promotion and so on related work makes a detailed discussion. Luo Shuangfeng said, director of shanxi pavilion is a focal point of the whole food dinner, as the host of the dinner, hunan will go all out to do a good job of service provinces pavilion, coordination in mobilising resources, to assist the pavilion exhibitions smoothly.