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2016 China Food & Catering Expo (CFCE 2016)

China Food & Catering Expo (CFCE) is jointly held by the Ministry of Commerce of China (MOFCOM) and the People’s Government of Hunan Province. As the first key expo held under the auspices of Ministry of Commerce of China in Hunan, CFCE, based in central China, is generating spill-over effects worldwide. It has attracted high-quality exhibitors, including leading brands with major influence in the food and catering industry from more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, renowned enterprises from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao as well as Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and other overseas countries and specialty enterprises, time-honored brands and leading enterprises from 14 cities and autonomous prefectures in Hunan province. CFCE also attracts tens of thousands of purchasers, agents, wholesalers, chain supermarkets and other trading professionals from food, catering, hotel and food material industries. In addition, CFCE is expecting home and global purchase groups from major and large-scale supermarkets and hotels. The Expo,  visioning to agglomerate leading forces in the industry and to accumulate business opportunities worth trillions of wealth, has a mission of becoming the best trade expo and a professional event in food and catering industry connecting China to the world.

CFCE 2016 Facts and Figures

Exhibition Time: September 9th – 12nd, 2016

Venue: Hunan International Conference & Exhibition Center

Hosts: Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China,The People's Government of Hunan Province

Organizers: Circulation Industry Promotion Center of the MOFCOM,

Department of Commerce of Hunan Province,

Hunan Economic and Information Technology Commission,

Changsha Municipal People's Government

Event Management: Commercial Exhibition Center, Department of Commerce of Hunan Province

Exhibition Time: 9:00-17:00 (September 9th – 11st, 2016)  

9:00-13:00 (September 12nd)

Application Deadline: August 10th , 2016

Visitors: professional visitors & public visitors

Exhibition Fee: 

Standard Booth(3m×3m)
Raw Space(starting from 36㎡)

First floor:¥6,800 each

Second floor:¥5,800 each

First floor:¥680/㎡

Second floor:¥580/㎡


First floor:¥10,000 each

Second floor:¥8,800 each

First floor:¥1000/㎡

Second floor:¥880/㎡

Facilities for standard booth: panels, carpet, one negotiating table, two folding chairs, exhibition lintel with company name written in both Chinese and English, one 220V outlet, two spotlights, and one trash bin. An additional fee of 8% is charged for a booth  with two sides open;

Facilities for raw space: an open space. Exhibitors are solely responsible for the cost of booth construction, decoration and venue management etc.

Exhibits Categories:

·Cereal & Oil  


·Liquor/Tea/Diary Drinks  

·Imported Food

·Leisure Food   




·Service Institutions


Target Visitors:                                 

·Distributors, agents, dealers, distribution companies and food-supply center, etc.

·Large supermarkets, hotels, resorts, restaurants, wineries, governments, schools, etc.

·E-commerce, wholesale food markets, food chain stores, franchised stores, convenience stores, etc.

·Overseas merchants, import & export corporations, industry associations, technological service providers, media, intellectual business, etc.

·Financial institutions, including banks, foundations and venture investing business, etc.

·The general public, including households and individuals, etc.

Exhibition Scale:

No. of Exhibitors
Exhibiton Area ()
No. Of Visitors