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Cofco name hui zhuang rand's reached a strategic cooperation with Germany

Last week, the theme of "new technology, new economy and new vision" of the eighth china-germany economic and technical cooperation BBS held in Beijing, the meeting, cofco, zhuang hui international wine with Germany's first big beer brewing group rand's group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, cofco will serve as a big rush to DAB beer only importer of the products in the Chinese market operation and promotion. Cofco wine division general manager, rand's group director, respectively, as the two parties enterprise representatives were invited to attended the BBS and signed the agreement.

It is reported that Germany is the world's second largest beer producer, in a total of one thousand three hundred breweries, up to more than five thousand types of beer. German beer is famous in the world, as its representative category and cultural symbol of alcohol. Rand's group is the first big German beer brewing, market share across Germany first. Big rush DAB beer is the world's leading beer brand of rand's group.