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The largest land port between China and Russia export fruit vegetables topped $100 million

      Learns from the inspection and quarantine bureau of Inner Mongolia, in the first 5 menstrual manzhouli port export fruit and vegetable exports topped $100 million, compared with the same period last year growth of 42.15%

      It is understood that in 2015 the manzhouli port exports to Russia fruits and vegetables a total value of $205 million. In terms of the situation, the current Russian economy continues to weaken, not exports to China's largest land port manzhouli fruits and vegetables form, present bucked up instead. In addition, because our country fruit wine harvest, purchase prices higher than a year ago have larger decline, contributed to the fruits of a large number of export advantage. In 2015, at the same time, the manchurian port through the Siberian railway distance for zero breakthrough, fruit and vegetable exports to Russia has opened up a new channel for our country fruit and vegetable exports to Russia, become the important factor of our country export fruit.