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Three popular industrial co., LTD

Hosted by the ministry of commerce, the people's government of hunan province, 2016 China food catering fair on September 9-12, held in hunan international convention and exhibition center. Hewang industry co., LTD., the continuation of the first three this year, three times the changsha food show good momentum, the strong joining the first eating dinner. As the main force in hunan comprehensive exhibition enterprises, hewang industry has "xiang priests" three "ShaoFeng" two brands, the main production of frozen meat cutting, such as frozen middle pig, frozen pig frozen meat products and bacon, sausage, dried chicken, preserved duck, preserved fish, sauce and other traditional YanLa control series of products, and bacon, ham, sausage, hot dogs, crispy im so western-style products at low temperature.

Company fully enclosed new standard factory building, has introduced the advanced imported equipment, adopt the whole cold chain and transportation control the machining process. The establishment of a complete product quality system, has passed HACCP, ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 system certification and the quality and safety of health security system certification. Company focused on 24 years pig slaughtering and processing industrial chain, and hunan agricultural university has established the production, study and research for the integration of research and development team, for the product production provide a solid technical foundation.

Company established a strong marketing service network, series of products won the "2011 the fifth China (hunan) international food fair gold medal", "ShaoFeng card" can won hunan province famous brand products. Products not only sell well in hunan, hubei, guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and so on more than 10 provinces and cities, regions, and exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Russia and other countries, for the consumers at home and abroad to "taste enjoyment.