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Hunan grain group

Hunan food group is approved by the government of hunan province, cooperation by the grain bureau of hunan province and changsha municipal government, integrate the advantage resources of state-owned large-scale comprehensive food enterprise, the total assets of nearly 10 billion yuan. Group existing on-the-job employees more than 4000 people, main business covers the collection and storage of grain and oil, grain and oil processing, logistics, market trading, futures delivery, business trade, electronic commerce, seed breeding, real estate development, etc. Company owns 13 grain and oil purchase and reserve, warehouse (cans) capacity of 2 million tons; With five grain and oil processing enterprises, the annual processing capacity of 2 million tons; With changsha national grain and oil trading center, annual volume of 3.2 million tons, the turnover of nearly 8 billion yuan. With changsha south agricultural commodities trading center co., LTD., annual turnover of more than 300 300 yuan; Have 2 railway private sidings, 6 two thousand tons berths, annual throughput capacity of 5 million tons of goods; Hunan grain feed spot trading market, turnover RMB 1.5 billion per year; Library has early indica rice, canola oil, hard wheat futures delivery, delivery scale of 250000 tons; Rice with gaea gem, Jin Xia food, yuxiang food and silver grain four agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprises, provincial key and the industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises "new favorite food", have "gaea gem", "Jin Xia", "yu xiang" and "silver", "preferred" five major brands. Products to rice, noodles, oil, milk, powder, medicine, leisure food, such as diversification, marketing network based in hunan, the layout of the country, radiation in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia and other places. 
Group, guided by the scientific concept of development, in order to ensure food security as own duty, adhere to the "big grain, big brand, big market, big logistics, financial" development ideas, in accordance with the "internationalization, specialization and capitalization" strategic layout, the quasi "restructuring, integration, innovation, quality, efficiency" business policy, to enhance the level of deep processing of edible oil and improve the market system construction as the focus and effort to promote the industrialization of staple food, efforts to build grain and oil industry chain, focusing on scientific and technological innovation "the core drive", focus on the entity management and capital operation "two-wheel driven", strengthen the cultural driving force, talent support and mechanism BaoZhangLi, sunny and linkage is committed to continue making the company the most brand influence and core competitiveness of modern food industry group significantly.